Homan takes Victory Lane at Utica-Rome Speedway
Cox Conquers Lexington 104 Speedway
Woodard Crowned CRR Champion
2024 Seminar Set for Sunday, Jan. 28
BRC Hosts Open House on Saturday, Jan. 27
Homan takes Victory Lane at Utica-Rome Speedway

Homan takes Victory Lane at Utica-Rome Speedway

5/7/2024 -
Congrats to Lazer Chassis client, Chad Homan, who won the M2 Metal LLC. Crate Late Model Feature at Utica-Rome Speedway on Saturday, May 4th.
Cox Conquers Lexington 104 Speedway

Cox Conquers Lexington 104 Speedway

4/22/2024 -
Wyatt Cox collected the Late Model feature win at Lexington (Tenn.) 104 Speedway on Friday, April 19 with his Lazer Chassis.
Woodard Crowned CRR Champion

Woodard Crowned CRR Champion

12/28/2023 -
Lazer Chassis client, Brian Woodard claimed the 2023 Crowley's Ridge Raceway (Paragould, Ark.) Late Model Track Championship.
2024 Seminar Set for Sunday, Jan. 28

2024 Seminar Set for Sunday, Jan. 28

12/27/2023 -
The 2024 Lazer Chassis and Focus Shock Technologies Seminar is set for Sunday, January 28 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET at the Bernheisel Race Components shop in Jonestown, Pennsylvania. Call for more detai
BRC Hosts Open House on Saturday, Jan. 27

BRC Hosts Open House on Saturday, Jan. 27

12/26/2023 -
Bernheisel Race Components kicks off the 2024 season with an Open House along with a Q&A and a Trade Show on Saturday, January 27. The Open House runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. Great prices on lots of


In 2021 Lazer chassis and parent company Bernheisel Race Cars celebrated their 40th anniversary. In the years that have followed those humble beginnings in 1981, many changes have followed the industry. Company founder Jim Bernheisel has embraced those changes.

“The rapidly evolving technology is what made me fall in love with dirt late models. I’m thrilled that our company has consistently been at the forefront of that evolution.”

The Lazer Chassis facility now covers over 25,000 square feet and employs approximately 12 people.

In 2009 CNC water jet cutting of interior panels was introduced. This soon led to CNC cutting of all body panels in 2014. This innovation allows for easier and faster repairs and is now the standard in the industry.

In 2017 a data acquisition system was added. This system collects real time GPS mapped information from multiple suspension sensors as well as throttle, brake, steering, and RPM sensors. The collected data assists in improving and fine tuning new suspension and chassis designs.

In 2020 a brand new powder coat shop facility was built. This allowed for greater production as well as freeing up the old powder coat shop for warehouse space.

Our History
The Early Years: 1978-1988
The first chassis ever built by the Bernheisel family arrived on the scene in 1978 in Lebanon, PA. It was built utilizing a CSC Roll Cage Kit on a ’69 Chevelle frame with leaf springs. Jim built it using only a torch, bench grinder, and stick welder. It had no moniker. The car was a beauty, but its life short- lived as it did not survive a big crash. Chassis #2 and #3 were built in 1979 again utilizing a CSC Cage Kit on 2 x 3 frame rails. #2 was raced successfully while #3 was sold to the very first paying customer. In 1981 Bernheisel Race Cars, Inc. was officially formed and the very first car was built utilizing a mig welder. Various brands of chassis were bought and sold, assembled, and altered throughout the 1980’s. All of them were built in a two car garage beside the family home. 1988 was a year of big changes.

A Big Step
In 1988 Jim purchased a 2,000 square foot shop in Jonestown, PA. It was just three miles down the road from the original location. The Lazer name was born and building race cars was now a fulltime job for Jim, one helper, and his secretary. Out of that shop rolled many successful race cars for drivers all over the country. The accepted method to make a name for yourself (then as well as now) was to give race cars to heroes and charge more to everyone else to make up for it. Jim was not comfortable with that business model and formulated the company strategy that is still in place today: Build a better quality race car with the best service in the industry. The Lazer Chassis is now recognized as having the very best craftsmanship and value in the dirt late model world.

Brandon – 1999
Jim’s oldest son, Brandon, took over the crew chief duties on his father’s personal race car. Much success followed this part-time father/son racing team, but more importantly the seeds were planted that would grow Brandon into one of the finest and most knowledgeable set-up men in the country. This has been a huge benefit for all Lazer Chassis customers who rely on his input and innovation.

Wind Tunnel – 2004
The Lazer gang had the opportunity to spend several days in a full-scale NASA wind tunnel with a turn table. The valuable data collected is still being utilized to this day in building the slickest, most aerodynamically correct cars in the industry.

Bryan – 2006
Jim’s second son, Bryan, after hanging around the fab shop for years, took over as head chassis builder. Like his brother, he has gained a national reputation for the skill and precision he utilizes in personally building each and every Lazer Chassis. This consistency has resulted in a faster, safer, more consistent chassis than anyone else can produce.

2008 – Present – Other milestones include
In 2008 an in-house shock department was created that utilizes a fulltime shock engineer to build and tune shocks and springs as well as rebuild and repair any brand.

In 2012 an in-house powder coat shop was constructed. This brought all aspects of Lazer Chassis construction under one roof to ensure quality control.

In 2015 a mechanical engineer was put on staff to assist in modeling and development of new concepts and designs.

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